About Luxaire
Luxaire® is a division of the Unitary Products Group of
Luxaire — A Johnson Controls Company — a large supplier of
heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration
products in the U.S., and a leading international supplier.
While our quest for top technology is evident in the Luxaire
line of energy-efficient residential and light commercial
heating and cooling systems, we're not just "Setting the
Performance Standard" through better technology. We're
committed to giving you the "Performance Promise" of
superior service and support. Efficient, reliable heating and
cooling solutions backed by courteous service with a smile
makes Luxaire the smart choice for homeowners, dealers,
and distributors looking to make a sound investment.

A Lifetime of Achievement
On October 25, 1939, the C.A. Olsen Manufacturing
Company, later known as Luxaire®, was incorporated in
Ohio by Mr. Clarence A. Olsen and a few of his associates.
Shortly after, the manufacturing of coal and gas warm-air
furnaces began in Elyria, Ohio, in January 1940. In late
1942, the company became a top ten producer in its field of
300 competitors, but when World War II arrived, Luxaire
immediately designed and produced special warm-air heating
equipment for army barracks. It was estimated that over 60%
of all army barracks were heated with Luxaire equipment.

Over a period of years, the warm-air heating demand
continued and expanded. In 1953, the development of the
year-round air-conditioning unit for residential application
began, and in 1954 the first Luxaire air conditioners hit the
market. In October 1955, Westinghouse Electric
Corporation acquired the C.A. Olsen Manufacturing
Company as a wholly-owned subsidiary, and on August 2,
1965, the original name of the company was changed to
Luxaire, Inc. Finally, on July 1, 1981, Luxaire — A Johnson
Controls Company — purchased the Westinghouse facility in
Norman, Okla., and the Luxaire® plant in Elyria, Ohio.